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What is the Rekey Special? $109.95*


Locksmith Service Call/Trip


Our curteous customer representatives will help you schedule a service call in a block of time that is convenient for you. Our expert residential locksmith will show up in our signature uniform and in a marked vehicle. ReKey Minnesota locksmiths arrive with the expertise needed to complete the job in a timely manner. Please call now to schedule an appointment with a Locksmith professional, 612-843-2250. Order Now.


We Rekey Up to 4 Keyholes*


To rekey a lock we replace the specialized inside lock parts (pins) of your locks so the old keys no longer work, EVER AGAIN! We give you your new keys at the time of the service call. Exterior doors can have one or two keyholes. Therefore 4 keyholes usually is equivalent to 2-4 doors.


We Provide 2 New Keys


Rekey Minnesota will provide you with new keys for your locks at the time of the service call. Most of our customers require more than one copy for their home, that is why we give you 2 copies from the Rekey Special. If you need additional copies than the 2 included, please just let us know. Why wait? Schedule a rekey appointment by phone or online.Order Now


Residential Rekey Explained


To Rekey your property locks, our Pro's change the internal pins located within the cylindrical plug of your door lock so that the old key no longer opens the lock. The lock is re-combinated to work with a different cut key. The knobs, Levers, deadbolts and hardware are not replaced only the internal security mechanisms that accept the key. Rekeying locks is a less expensive way to change the keys to your property, whether that be your home or your rental property. There are many situations where a Rekey is needed.


  1. You purchased a new home and want to guarantee no one else has a key.
  2. Rekeying your home locks saves money compared to buying new locks.your keys were lost, stolen or unreturned.
  3. A roommate moved out
  4. Want all your locks to use the same one key.Tenant turnover.You changed cleaning or service companies.


*Re-key 4 keyholes in the Twin cities Metro for $109.95, this includes 2 Free keys!    
This special is available from 8am-5pm only.
Additional keyholes $15.00 each.
If you do not have a working key for each lock, its $5-15 extra per keyhole
6am-8am additional $25.
5pm-8pm additional $35
8pm-6am additional $70
Additional keys $3.00

If your property is outside of our “metro zone” there may be additional trip fee


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